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Our Name

JUST PERFECT!  No, we don't think WE are "JUST PERFECT!"  But, time after time, people see our personalized leather gifts and say it's "JUST PERFECT!"  We believe you can find JUST the PERFECT gift for all your gift-giving needs right here!  From leather photo items to men's and women's wallets, to travel accessories including custom luggage tags, we have JUST the PERFECT gift for you!  And, every item can be personalized to make it all the more special.

Our Commitment

We intend to provide you, our customer, with high quality products at the lowest cost possible. Many of our customers comment on how amazing our prices are! We've done some comparing ourselves, and we predict you won't find better prices anywhere!

Our Hope

We hope you will enjoy our personalized gifts as much as we do! We enjoy personalizing them for each and every one of you, your friends and family. We want you to be happy and pleased to give these gifts and proud to tell them just where you got them!

Our Thanks

We would like to thank Mom and Dad for doing so much for us to help us get started. They've been in the leather business for more than 45 years and have done so much to help us locate the wonderful product we can now offer you. They know their stuff! Also, we would like to thank our sister, Julie Wolfe, and sister-in-law, Lisa Abell, for working with us at the beginning. We couldn't have handled that first adventure without them! We loved having them be a part of "JUST PERFECT!" and hated to see them move on.

Thanks for shopping with us!

Vicki Mitchell and Nan Lynn Vicki Mitchell and Nan Lynn

Co-owners of "JUST PERFECT!"

BEHIND THE SCENES! Listen to Nan Lynn talk about the history of this family business.


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$6.50 Flat Rate Shipping!
$6.50 Flat Rate Shipping!